here is interesting trending app ngl anonymous q a probably heard already like many apps like that there was yolo app but the the main feature of ngl app is that it's designed for instagram because recently instagram i loved to include links in instagram stories and now you can use this app so you can get post anonymous questions on instagram and get uh some anonymous responses and then you can see all these messages here on uh yeah in your inbox uh in this video we're gonna just go through like the basics how how it works so yep uh let's just open it up so you will need to create your account it's super easy like your account username on ngl just just corresponds just corresponds to your username on instagram then here you can update what which prompt which prompt you want to be displayed in instagram so that's what it is here then you can just copy your link and then you need to share a link on instagram stories so you need to have your instagram app ready and you need to be logged in with the same username as you have here then there is a really handy tutorial how to add the link to your story so you need to create story on instagram and then tap sticker icon in the top right add link and then you will be able to add link and share on instagram so here let's just go through the process so you know the details of it so basically here is my story i just tap this uh icon in the top uh part then i add link and then i just add my uh ngl link and then something like that and then i can just do it like this so any and then of course you can you can change uh text or anything and then you can just share this story uh uh yeah uh like to you to your instagram story like and then what happens if you get any inboxes uh they will be here uh so that's that's basically that but you won't know who exactly sent you these messages and then yeah that's basically that's the app um there are a bunch of apps like that but the again like this app is i think the best one for instagram and i think this app just went viral on tick tock that's why it's in top charts so yeah but it's very minimalistic very easy to use very handy so and it's free so as you see there is no a premium option and there is no premium upgrade uh and then yeah if you if you concerned about your privacy and data you can always delete your account just very easily just tap on your icon and in the bottom you'll have option to delete your account so that's what it is and yeah so that's the idea of the app so far the there are only 500 ratings plus but the average rating is 4.8 people really happy best app hours this app changed my life before this ever single and unlocked not after two days on the app i'm committed to relationship and considering marriage thank you this app is the best so much fun great app so as you can see pretty neat reviews um so yep uh pretty pretty cool so definitely give it a try thank you for watching put a like at this video and uh yeah let's uh check out uh in next episodes

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