NGL: anonymous q&a - QUICK OVERVIEW

hello everyone so in this quick video let's go through this uh viral app ngl we just translated not gonna lie anonymous q a uh so this app is going viral it's in top charts right now and it's just like a app to get anonymous messages but for instagram maybe you've heard around like send it or yola app those are apps primarily for snapchat of course they can be used everywhere but this is app just designed for instagram and it works really well with instagram stories in case you don't know how to use it i will just quickly show you in this video so you don't need to spend like you know half a day to figure it out so it's a lot of fun yep you can share your you can create your ngr link uh then uh add this link to your instagram story and get responses in the app and these responses and messages are anonymous and that's basically it so here is the app create an account super simple so you just need to um to add your instagram username where you want to post this link so here it is so it's basically how it works slash my instagram username and yeah they're creating your account here super easy but the thing is you need to be very careful because it's not possible to change username so if you did some kind of typo or typed run username your own account it's not possible to edit your account or log out and create something like that so you what you will need to do to then just delete your account and then create new account with another username so that's that's what you can do and yep so that's the idea so then after you created your account with the correct link you're just copying that and then you need to share it in your instagram app there are multiple ways of course how you can add your link to instagram but let's just start from instagram story so here's a handy tutorial so just have your instagram app already you need to have your app installed and you need to be logged in with the account you're using in ngl so then don't hurry up to create story yet just use the original template from this app so just tap here next step next tab and here's a detailed tutorial how to how to use it so let's just let me show you how exactly can it work so i can just here i can just use this template then i just add sticker in the top part then i need to search for this link tag and then i need to pass the link so for some reason the link wasn't copied so i just need to pass it here like that and that's it and then you just need to drag it here and then basically this will appear in your instagram story in the bottom you can share it to close friends you can share it to your story and to everyone and then i will just show you like how it might look like so here is how it looks like in the in the my story and then there is a link and if your friends tap on this link then they will be able to send anonymous messages like anyhow and then you so imagine these are your friends and then you can also get some random suggestions so anyhow whatever and then you can just send it so in this example imagine that i am a friend who just clicked on your story and sent this anonymous message so this is just like for for you to demonstrate and then you just open in the app and wow in an inbox you have a new message so that's where you can see it and as you can see you don't know who sent this message to you so that's the whole fun of it you can also tap reply and then uh you can just try to reply here and then you know you can write some response you can drag it around that's how i would do it and then you can just send it as a reply story so that's it if you want to see who sends this you will need to upgrade to pro version pro members can see exclusive hints on each message and then you can just tap unlock and and try to upgrade it's not cheap it's 9.99 per week but be careful uh so i was just going through the reviews of this app and you can also check them out that actually yeah if you select some of the critical ones you can see that that hidden pack don't work don't worry don't buy the hint bag that don't buy the hints because the hints here are very general they are just like someone from iphone or someone in new jersey sent you this message so if you have limited followers that might help you out but if you share it to a few thousand people and someone from new york or send this message you won't be able to identify it so that's that so that's how you reply and that's how you can see who sends this at least of course you if you want you can upgrade and check it out then if you reply you can see that these messages with reply are marked with a green icon so to get messages you need to share it on more stories then there are settings you again have tutorial how to share the link and then if you need more help the one thing you can do you can just message them on instagram for example if there are some issues with your username if you can post a message if you're not getting replies anything like that just message them in in instagram so that's what you can do and what else of course if you want to get even more messages what you can do uh i just figured out so first you can add your uh story to the highlight so just tap in the bottom and add it to instagram highlight then you will see if i go to my account that is ngi link in my highlight also what you can do you can add ngi link to your instagram bio so just go to edit profile and add it here in the website like you can just pass it here and then just save it and then it will be clickable from your instagram buyer and your friends can constantly go there because story is like for 24 hours or so so it's it's not that permanent so anyhow that's the idea that's the app what else like you can of course change prompts here so you can just do some random prompts i do know like sometimes i was just changing them but they are not synced in the link or something so that doesn't work well with me but overall that's just like a quick preview i don't know what else to add so that's the the app it's available on google play and uh like on android i don't think it's available on snapchat not sure you can share it on on snapchat but of course because this is just a link so you can share it on if you want to add the link on snapchat you can just do it there so what else that's basically it uh so far this app has pretty good reviews um it was already developed back in 2021 but just went viral these days probably someone who created some viral tick-tock video or something but yeah it's a very uh cool app you can have a lot of fun i posted few stories on my personal instagram account and got surprisingly a few a lot of replies here because i'm not using instagram a lot and yeah a lot of engagement like certain my friends checked it out and watched the story so it's uh you can have a lot of fun uh definitely so like this video send it to your friends if they need like a handy tutorial about this app and see you in the next videos

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