so what can be ngl app alternatives so the app is going viral right now but it's it's not a new concept so the idea of the app is that you post a link your friends open it and send you messages and these messages are anonymous and you don't know who sent them so that's basically the idea and this app is designed specifically around instagram instagram stories but there is another app called send it which i think this was actually the original idea [Music] where you can post these anonymous questions and people can yeah the same reply to you but we started this app was mainly focused on on snapchat not on instagram so here again you can just add it uh your prompt and then you can just tap share and then you have your snapchat opened and then you just create snapchat story and then you can just share it send it prompt here so it just takes some time but uh in case you want to use ngl on on snapchat yeah it's actually not working that well you can see that some stuff is loading oh finally it's working so now something like that and then you can just send to your snapchat story and then that's basically it uh so i just also shared ngl on snapchat so here is the difference and gl looks like this so that's basically that um yeah so this is ngl link which you can use as well um yeah so it's pretty much very similar you can use send it uh on snapchat ngl on instagram i actually shared ngi link on instagram and got pretty uh like a lot of engagement from my friends my friends were asking what is this i'm just like i'm not sure how uh how you can like the feature with ngl is that you have a clear link which you can copy and share wherever you want here in send it it's more like built in sharing and it's only shares to to snapchat i have no idea how can i share send it to instagram actually there is no instagram button so like for you to have an idea so here is ngl and then i can just copy link and i can share it wherever i want while here i don't know how to actually copy a link to a prompt so anyhow that's that so definitely give a try to send it if you like snapchatting more than instagram

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