NGL app - can’t create account or put your username - what you can do?

hello so here is ngl app and some users are reporting that you can't create your account so there are some kind of bugs overall i need to say that this app is pretty well done there are not many bugs a lot of people really really enjoying it but there are still a few issues here and there so some people can't log in and can't create an account so it's some people's users say that it won't let me press the done button because when i type in my name the keyboard doesn't go down why does it work for everybody else and not me and then it says how do i make an account and also like when i put in my username it didn't let me click the done button and my keyboard would not go down so i could press done [Music] so that's basically um so some people can't basically create an account and can't log in overall they they have uh yeah this is just like critical ratings or maybe yeah overall a lot of people like it but i don't know what like i was able to to create an account uh so by here the person says i was told to put my instagram handle and i did i tried entering but nothing happened so i basically can use the app i have tried it multiple times and it still doesn't work [Music] so that's basically that um yeah i don't know what you can do in this case it worked well for me so in ngl app you just need to add your instagram handle and then that's basically it you can't change your username you can't uh you just need to delete an account and start over you can always reach out to their support so just go to here in instagram and then you can reach out to their support like that from just dm in instagram messages other than that that's what i would try to do if you can't even create an account

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