so does NGL apps and auto generated questions so questions from not uh real people yes and finally you can see it in this app I think there were some court filings uh recently between NGL app and sanded app sanded app is kind of like NGL app for Snapchat and Angel is like not gonna lie app for Instagram but I think these two apps are pretty similar and I think maybe send it or something ensuing NGL but the point is in this case there was some information that actually both of these apps seems to generate some of the questions um and now I think after that if you go to your inbox and update NGL app to delete this version you can tap on some questions and then you can see sand with low heart from Team NGL so that's basically means that uh NGL app acknowledges that it it has sent some of these messages generated for you so that's uh yeah that's what you can see here um some other questions don't have that they still look kind of generated and then you can see some other questions also have this sandwich love from Team Angel so that's this line basically means openly that this question was generated by AI algorithm by NGL app and it's not from your friends so if you see this it means these are not friends who've sent this these are some bots so no need to guess and like you know figure out who sent it now this app is acknowledges it uh and then that's how you see which questions are generated so yeah finally it's been open in the app so we don't need to guess anymore because there were so many or guessing game like others questions generated or not because the questions from this AI algorithm they look super natural you can't really distinguish which questions were sent by France by human and which by bot because the algorithm is becoming so good so it's really hard and then some of these questions can really like you know some people teenagers can really like don't understand at all like what's happening there and stuff like that so at least now you know that

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