to create a link in ngl app and share it on instagram here are the steps you need to do first just create an account in ngl app it's free to do just add your instagram username be careful here it's not possible to change your instagram username later and after you do that you will have your account created and your unique link will be generated your link looks like your username previously it looked like slash username doesn't matter just important that you have the the correct username here copy link then tap share in the bottom just follow these instructions and tap share on instagram so don't create your own story from scratch tap on this button because this button has specific template which looks really nice so tap on share on instagram and then you will be able to create instagram story tap on the sticker and top part search for link sticker so this is the sticker which helps you to pass links in instagram story and here you need to pass url oops not worries so just copy link and then again pass it here there you have it then just move for a nice effect here and then you decide you want you can share it to your story you can share with your friends or whatever you want in the bottom you can just share tap on the arrow icon and then tap share there you have it it is also possible to send this story to friends you can also add it to highlights so do uh what you like and then you will see this story here and your friends will be able to click the link like that that's it after it you will receive your replies in the inbox tab

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