hello everyone in this video we're gonna go through ngl app and i will show you in case uh yeah you have some difficulties how to how to use it and how to basically generate your link copy a link and share a link on your instagram story so basically here is an app it's super easy to create your account yeah you just need to sync with your instagram username so you just add your instagram username and you're in the app then here's your unique link your ins and gi link is basically slash your instagram username and then you what you need to do you need to share a link on your instagram story of course you can also share this link to like on other social media and send to your friends but the whole point is just to to get anonymous messages from friends so here's how to do it so you need to create instagram story tap on the sticker in the top right and then there is like a link button link sticker which was recently added to instagram and then you need to pass link to your story and then share on instagram you also need to replace the link like that and that's it so let's just do it together so i copied my link okay and now i just want to open my instagram and i tap into the top right plus and then i just tap on the story so [Music] uh or maybe they already have like a template here so yeah just tap share on instagram it's just easier because i already have like a template and then you tap in top part and then there is like a link then i just need to pass this link i can customize sticker text or whatever uh and then i just move it here so it just looks prettier um and then here i can just tap arrow in the bottom right either like arrow or if i can tap close friends or i can tap your story in the bottom left so that's basically how it might work and then you just share it so congrats you just shared it and then here is how it looks like so this is my my reply uh to a story and i just replied to it but other people will just see this kind of a link and then they will be able to click on that and submit a reply and send anonymous message to ngl app what happens next you will receive this kind of messages so like all kind of stuff [Music] so you don't know who sent this like which friend did this and if you tap on this did the app just asks you to upgrade to become a pro member so you can see exclusive hints on each message and it's it's pretty pricey to do that it's like 9.99 per week not per month us dollars and but still the hints are not that good i've written the reviews on the app store like their hint can be the user on iphone or the user from new york like so of course if you have like 20 friends on instagram maybe you can identify who is that but if you have a lot of people following you it will be super hard to to to get that so yeah that's basically the idea hope it was helpful if you have additional questions just leave them in the comments below

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