here is a quick tutorial of ngl app which is going viral on us app store so this is the app where you can create a link and then you can receive anonymous messages from your friends and followers so in the top part you just generate these random prompts [Music] these are some random questions and then you just create your own link so copy your link your link is copied so this link is generated automatically just when you create your account to create your account just super easy add your instagram username there are some users where they experience some issues but for majority of people this app works fine without major bugs as we can see from the app store review that the average rating is like 4.8 4.9 out of 5. then you just basically created this link and just tap share button in the bottom so just follow this template to create instagram story don't create a separate story in instagram yet because here is a useful template so tap next tap next here is the instruction and then tap this button to share on instagram and then here it is the here is the template which is which is working really nice tap on the sticker in top part search for link button here is how where it is and pass the url here is the url and then you'll be able to move this part here so it looks nicely and then you can just share this story to your friends this story then appears among your stories you can see it and for example imagine that you're one of your friends you can just tap on this link and this this is what your friends will see here they will be able to send you anonymous messages they can also generate some um random questions um and then you can just tap send and then you can also send another messages and and so on so what happens after that so after you posted your first link you will be able to see in inbox tab and then you next to inbox you will see red circle it means that there is a new message so then you can just open this message and here it is here is the message you received your from your friends and you actually you don't know who sent this of course now for this video i just showed you but in in reality you don't know who sent this and yeah so you're super curious to know especially if there is some spicy question or you know like relationship question or dating question um like who sent this uh and then you are nice to to upgrade um the subscription costs uh 9.99 per week not per month there is no free trial and then you can just tap unlock to do that but what it says pro members can see exclusive hints on these messages so these are only hints don't set your expectations high this a subscription won't reveal your like the username who sent this it won't reveal the exact person it will just give you very generalistic hints like phone model or town from which this message was sent maybe something else but that's it so if your story was seen by like 50 people this pro subscription usually won't be enough but it can give you a good suggestion so from 50 people maybe you can narrow it down to five in a good scenario so maybe you know that this friend lives in this city and he or she uses iphone uh this kind of stuff expect to get from the subscription so that's basically it in top left you can report uh if you don't like it however this app claims that they're using high quality ai content moderation which is really good so you shouldn't receive like bad messages but still you can report if you want then there is a cool feature where you can reply to a story and to reply to story here it is you just have the screenshot of the message and then you can just do something like this and then you just post as a reply so that's what you can do and then yeah uh in top right there is your icon from here you can delete your account if you delete your account you will lose access your username on all questions why you need to do that well some people made a mistake and put our own instagram username it is not possible to edit or change link so that's that so the only way to change link is delete your account and create a new link and then you can always reach out to support tap i need help and then you will be redirected just to instagram the amps um you can follow their instagram here is detailed instruction how to share the link and um yeah so that's the app it's very simple very minimalistic very easy to use um you can use it not only on instagram by the way on instagram not only you can add to instagram stories you can add to your instagram bio you can create highlights and also you can just copy link and share wherever like in some whatsapp groups you can share in uh you know like add to twitter by wherever you want so compared to another app which is called send it this is quite a nice feature that you just have this link hope this was helpful if you have any other questions just leave them in the comments

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