NGL app - WHO SENT A MESSAGE - ideas how to see it

hello everyone so here is new trending app which is called ngl where you can send anonymous messages um of course the main thing is like how to see how to get some hints who sent you a message so i went to some of the feedback some of the like reviews here of the app and you can see that people don't really like the hints so anyway here is the app and then uh i can go to my inbox and i can uh see some messages and then i can just tap who sent this and then this is the hints pack where i can upgrade to become a pro member to see exclusive hints on each message so then i can just tap unlock and i will be able to upgrade for 9.99 per week so it's like ten dollars per week it's a subscription uh so yeah it's pretty expensive but people write here that this is not really worth it don't it says don't buy the premium it just shows you where phone and where they told you it's like so people are not that happy so what it can tell to use this up if you upgrade it can just tell you like um someone who owns an iphone or someone owns an android from london or someone who has iphone from like new york something like that so it's really then it's really kind of confusing like he doesn't give you any idea because of course depending on your friend circle um like uh but yeah that's that's really vague and that's too abstract uh so a lot of people disappointed of course if you shared the story to a limited uh if you shared this link to a limited number of friends that can be a big hint like if you have only one friend in london for example you can get an idea but still it's not hundred percent so what i think you also need to try is just combine this with some instagram analytics of course it just depends where you shared so imagine if you just share it in instagram story so after some period it's an open information you can go to your story activity in the bottom left then you at least you can see some of the people who view it so to submit the answer to this question you need to have people who viewed the story it's not possible to do other way so there are viewers of the of the story so at least this uh someone uh for example here 15 accounts rich 15 people view the story so someone of these 15 people probably sent a reply so at least you already have some group of people and but yeah still it's not hundred percent sure because uh here is the ngr link there is a possibility that someone just get here and then copy uh copied this link and then you have no idea i don't know how exactly then to track it but at least if someone clicked it in the instagram story you can see it among the activity who viewed it and then you have for example these 15 people then if you buy a pro subscription and it says someone on iphone maybe you can know who of these 15 your friends owns an iphone and then if the pro says who or someone who lives in london or something then even more like you can just distinguish of these 15 people someone who lives in london and has an iphone and then maybe you can like limit it like two to three people and then i don't know then you can probably just message them or just give a hint or i don't know which other ideas do you have of course the aim of this app is not to give the exact the exact answers because then there is no purpose of this app if if you just upgrade for 10 bucks and then say okay this is the person who sent the message then it will just be too boring but this is the way combining with instagram combining with this pro subscription maybe you can limit really like two to three people of all your group of accounts so that's what i would do just not only for subscription but just combine it with free instagram analytics um yeah like what do you think maybe there are some other tools like you know maybe maybe you can install some like conversion thread like some marketing tool or something like that where you can precisely know who tapped on the link or something around it i don't know but this is just like some ideas so that's basically that if you have any ideas around it i'm sure you do just leave them in the comments below

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