NGL id search - does it exist?

In a recent video transcript, the topic of the NGL ID search was explored. Many users have been wondering if such a feature exists within the NGL app. The speaker in the video explains that the app does not provide a straightforward way to search for users based on their NGL ID.

When users upgrade to the NGL pro version and pay for the app, their expectations are often not met. Despite the subscription, they are still unable to see the exact identity of the person who sent them a message. The app only provides general information, such as the location and device used by the sender. This lack of specific details can be frustrating, especially when someone receives a message from an Android device in New York, for example, but has no way of knowing who in New York owns an Android device.

The NGL ID is mentioned as a solution to this issue. It is described as a user ID within the NGL app that can potentially help users identify the sender by linking it to their Instagram account. Unfortunately, the app itself does not provide a feature to search for users using their NGL ID. This limitation has led many users to suggest that the app should offer an additional payment subscription that allows for the search and identification of users based on their NGL ID.

However, the absence of this feature within the NGL app seems intentional. By withholding the ability to see the sender's identity outright, the app encourages users to remain invested in their subscription. This tactic keeps users engaged and reliant on the app's services for finding out who sent them a message.

Compared to other messaging apps, such as Gaz, which allows users to reveal the exact identity of the sender with a monthly subscription, the NGL app seems to employ a unique growth strategy. Users of the NGL app must be resourceful and creative in their search for the sender. The speaker in the video suggests techniques such as sharing the link on an Instagram story and utilizing Instagram analytics to narrow down potential senders based on location.

In conclusion, the NGL app lacks a dedicated feature for searching users by their NGL ID. This limitation can be frustrating, especially for those who have upgraded to the pro version. While the app's secrecy may keep users engaged, it also requires them to employ various techniques to discover the sender's identity.

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