NGL.Link change to NGL.BIO - links don’t work?

so i used this app uh and then now it's changed the url ngl link uh slash uh andree core it was like now it's so i don't know what happened but actually it's it's now changed to to bio extension so did you notice something similar and if i if i'm trying and gi link still works but ngl bio also still works so it's kind of like a yeah that's the change what's uh what happened maybe it just was added after recent app update so that's what it is um yeah but ngl bio works works fine i think there there are some issues with ngi link on on instagram um or something like that so that i'm not sure but just make sure to update the app and use the lightest link um and yeah just to avoid uh especially if you have shared this link somewhere on other sources maybe try to add it and replace it with the new link

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