Ngl Link - doesn’t work, server issues - what you can do?

so i'm just going here to some of the reviews of ngl app not gonna lie app it's just going viral and a lot of users are checking it out and but for some people uh because this app spiked in popularity there are probably like millions of users checking it out for some users if you click on this link right on ngr link it just now says server error and this link doesn't work so you put this link either in your instagram stories or snapchat stories or wherever and then uh yeah for some users it stopped working we can always reach out to to their support just tap i need help in the bottom and here in the gear icon and then yeah so you can do that um so you can try to do that and other than that i don't know you can always just try to wait one day or so because the app is still number one the us app stores these days so you just need to write a bit and probably it will restore in functionality a bit later of course a good suggestion is to constantly update this app just go to the app store and update it and make sure you have the latest version which contains the bug fixes and performance improvements

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