NGL.LINK is now NGL.BIO - why is it changed?

here is in gel app and after recent update i noticed that actually um they changed their link structure so now instead of it says so as you can see here is the new link in gel dot bio slash your instagram username so that's what happened and let's just explore if this link works so if i just go to a browser and then i can just pass it here there you have it so this link works and now if i try to use the old link for example if you have shared your old ngl dot link somewhere on social media attached it to your instagram bio so this link still works if you use it in a browser or if you want it open right like separately from the safari or google chrome on mobile and stuff like that but i noticed that doesn't work properly on instagram stories so if you try to tap on some older instagram story it just shows you some some issues because you're opening a native instagram browser not safari so that's why it is now being replaced to so that's the that's the whole point because ngi older doesn't work properly on instagram stories if you add it be a link sticker so doesn't redirect to these are two different paths but they still work in a browser or like if you attach them in twitter bio but there was just some issues that you couldn't open this ngl dot link from instagram story so that's why it's been replaced to ngl dot bio so that's what i've understood uh yeah so there are some issues with instagram so again uh just make sure that on instagram you replace all all angel links to new ones which have this bio extension so just copy this link and replace it in your instagram stories instagram bio instagram highlights wherever you're using it

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