what to do if ngi link stopped working so i noticed this that when i go to my like a bit older uh ngr link in my older instagram stories it doesn't work from instagram i can't open it it shows some message that you can't open this link and stuff like that and then i noticed that basically in the app the link was originally originally slash my username now it's ngl.but so basically the link itself has changed i don't know why that happened but yeah this is the recent change the thing is the old link still works if you go in the browser but like if you put it on instagram there can be a possibility that it doesn't work i don't know why it happened or like maybe instagram actually is limiting this link or something like that i just not sure so like what you need to do is just make sure to update ngl app to the latest version and use link which has an extension bio so ngl dot bio not and then copy that link and this new link should work on instagram so previous link also works fine but just in the browser or some other media on instagram it doesn't work so that's basically that and then so new link works quite well and it's just redirect redirects to to the same page so it's fine but that's just the thing i noticed so when you create and again new instagram stories make sure to use this ngl.biolink hope this is helpful

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