NGL LOVE MESSAGES - what is it?

and gel law messages what what is that so A lot of people are questioning it so this is a recently new feature uh you can tap on the gear icon in top right then just type in the settings and then you see this NG allow messages on so what does it mean uh so what it says here and gel periodically sends questions and messages to brighten your day you can disable this at any time and then you can disable on or off so these are basically bought questions so now in gel app acknowledges that they were sending some of their questions were bought questions and they were sending Fake Messages it wasn't clear before you wouldn't have this setting enabled before but after some Court proceedings in the court we send it app with our competitor they were forced to disclose that yes we are sending fake messages so now it's completely clear that there are like both questions in the app and if you want to see both questions or if you're like upset you don't receive any messages whatsoever you can just enable it but then you will clearly see that this is a bad question so this is an example of what question just below it you can see signed with love from Team NGL so you will see that message and it's just about reply button so yeah that's basically the idea so Angela messages are bought messages which you can enable or disable as I understand uh Angel won't be sending you what questions if you disable this setting so it's not like they will still be sending you bought questions but they they won't be labeling them it means if you turn this off uh you will disable bot messages at all so that's how I understand it yeah hope this clears things out

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