NGL messages not shown - what you can do?

so what you can do that when your NGL messages are not showing so numbers number of users actually report that um when you receive ngr notification but then there is no message it's a quite a common bug unfortunately um so make sure to restart in gel app like restart your phone check your internet connection to all of these things if you still don't see any messages um yeah then just go to gear icon and tap I need help and then you will be able to reach out here to help at NGL app and you can do it from here it's like quite fast and hopefully it will receive a reply yeah like number of users report this bug um there can be some issues with notification or something like that in NGL app if someone replied to your message they can't delete it so if other someone sent to reply send a question it's not deletable so it's not like you know in some other apps uh where you someone sent you a message but then instantly deleted it and then it's gone so it's not it's not the case here so it's some kind of a bug if you uh receive this bark just leave some comments below this video to help other users

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