NGL - same text message is different to voice message

There have been some exciting updates to the inbox design of the NGL app, and users are noticing a distinct difference between text messages and voice messages. When you receive a text message, it appears instantly in the inbox. However, when it comes to listening to an audio message, the experience is completely different.

For instance, imagine receiving a text message that says, "Don't you love the smell of a military drone strike in the morning?" This message appears just like any other text, but the audio message that accompanies it is a separate entity altogether. The sender is identified as "his love from team NGL," indicating that this is a bot message. Nevertheless, the discrepancy between the appearance and usability of text and audio messages is a source of confusion for users.

It's unclear whether this difference is intentional or a design glitch. Users have yet to receive an explanation as to why NGL treats text and audio messages differently. As one user said, "I have no idea why text and audio messages are different."

The NGL app has gained popularity due to its innovative features and user-friendly interface. However, this recent disparity between text and voice messages has left some users wondering about the reasoning behind it. Perhaps NGL has plans to integrate additional functionalities into the audio messaging feature, or there may be a technical limitation that requires separate treatment of these two message types.

Regardless of the reason, it will be interesting to see how NGL addresses this issue. As technology evolves and messaging apps become more sophisticated, it is essential for developers to ensure a consistent and seamless user experience across all message formats.

In conclusion, the NGL app's recent inbox design update has brought attention to the contrasting treatment of text and audio messages. While text messages appear instantly in the inbox, audio messages are presented differently, raising questions about the reasoning behind this discrepancy. Users are eagerly awaiting further clarification or updates from the NGL team, as they continue to explore and adapt to the app's unique features.

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