Niantic Campfire app - now you can invite friends or get invited to the app!

so here is Niantic campfire app and basically now they allow to invite users so if you got access to an antique Empire from your friends or maybe you were just given access to like by app itself you can invite up to three friends and you need to have the latest version of the app so here is let's just open it up so here is Niantic can fire app what it says to me if I try to sign up um it just says to me that I thank you for understanding campfire we are gradually providing access but in the meantime the best way to join campfire is by being invited by a friend that already has access so now it it is uh the invitation system is on it was just released few days ago and then people say that how it works so um uh you need I think yeah so if you have access to it you can invite up to three friends and then you will receive an email if you invite other friends so you will receive an invitation via email which is associated with your Pokemon go account so that's what I understood just by reading and doing research on this subreddit and just going going through internet um uh but yeah so there you have it uh can confirm that after updating to the latest version of campfire that I got the invite screen shown it appears the newly invited person will also have three invites available to send so this should be you should get invited pretty quickly at least if you have some friends in in this area uh um so that's that um yeah uh in theory everyone should get this invitation screen soon but you never know like this invitation apps is just what developers do they just create hype around it everyone wants to get in and if you want to register at the moment it's not possible you probably must like it you will just get the screen where it says like that yeah uh it will say that you need to still wait for an invitation but there you have the person's rights that I got an email we are my Gmail account that I used to log into Pokemon go and I've used my invites already so you will get like an email notification make sure you still have access to email which is associated with Pokemon go otherwise you can just download Pokemon Go app and create a new account or something like that um here uh hope at least that is helpful because uh nyanti campfire was for a while uh just it was shown to me that it's um it's coming soon to your area but it's not there yet now it's shown that it has invitations hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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