Niantic Campfire app - we are gradually providing access

so here I'm trying to install Niantic campfire app which is I think built by the developers of Pokemon Go app and it says thank you for installing campfire we are gradually providing access but in the meantime the best way to join campfire is by being invited by a friend that already has access so they updated this message before it was that the campfire app is still not available but now you just need to have an invite code so yeah I'm not sure where uh were actually to get this invite code or like where to enter it I would be like super curious to do that uh so here you see nianti campfire and then you can just go to nantic campfire Labs website and then settings menu and then you can just get support there um so that's basically it I don't know where actually to find this in White Cloud or how to enter it in the app probably the person should just invite you and you will get an email or something like that if you know any other details just leave it in the comments below

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