Niantic Campfire app - what is it? How to create an account?

here is interesting app niantic campfire it's social networking app from niantic and uh yeah so here is the app that's the app which developed pokemon go app so campfire is a new social app that helps niantic explorers discover new people places and experiences around them features you can get together scroll around the map to discover and share content coordinate at any gmo rate find a community stay in touch manage niantic friends and profiles so there are only 74 ratings and the average rating is pretty low seems people start to like the idea but there are still some issues and bugs so let's just create an account i usually just do it with apple id okay so access is currently limited i don't know is there some waiting list or maybe some q or maybe just not available yet on all locations so maybe it's uh so that's that but anyhow interesting idea so if you like pokemon go it's a nice app to to also hang out with your community to chat with niantic friends so to coordinate and then yeah you have your own profile so that's about it

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