No BeReal today? Is it a bug?

so i'm just trying to figure out the issue some uh sometimes uh users are not notified and there is no burial today and a lot of people are searching so yeah like either is that an issue really that sometimes or can be not be real so what you can do and i was just browsing reddit and i can find that yeah there are a few times when people and users in some characters are important that there was no burial meaning there was no burial notification and like as you can see here any chance and next 16 minutes it would go off i'm wondering the same because i don't want to miss a memory has it i've been this late so weird is after midnight and almost here guess they forgot super weird uh i don't know how they would forget is the entire point of the app exactly so that's the whole point of the app to send this one notification per day you tap on that notification and you take your picture um so that's basically the idea of the app and that's how it works uh um so yeah i hope that is helpful um so yeah i think the main issue can be that there's just some notification bug so the real is going off but for some reason you're not receiving notification and that's the whole point because this app can still be quite buggy people can't upload their photos sometimes sometimes doesn't work and all of that so that's why uh maybe there was a burial but you didn't get notification maybe there was some internal bug but just try to go to the app itself and try to open it up and see maybe that helps so something around these steps i would try to do yeah other than that hope that is helpful if you have any other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

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