No option to upgrade to Twitter Blue in my app! πŸ€”

so for some reason I can't find my Twitter Blue Button Twitter blue subscription so here on the official tutorial Twitter help section you see that you you can sign up for Twitter Blue by just navigating to your profile menu on your app select Twitter blue select the blue subscribe for the per year button follow in-app purchase instructions for iOS and congrats you are now a Twitter blue subscriber um so yeah but if I go to Twitter and then let me just show you then I'll just tap on my profile like yeah on my profile icon in the top left and then I tap on profile there is no option to to upgrade uh so yeah it's not in professional tools it's not in settings and support so that probably is just not available in selected countries as for now only Like Us Canada UK Australia I guess uh so it's it's not everywhere uh but yeah so that's the idea uh hope uh yeah I don't know I'm just sharing my experience

Twitter pauses its newly introduced...
Twitter pauses its newly introduced $8 blue tick verification feature: Report | #shorts #news
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