NOOKAZON APP - how to create account & use the app?

hello so here is newcastle app so let's just install it uh so this is like a marketplace app [Music] where you can trade some digital items so yeah you can trade all hc ac and h items and their variations like this make offers on the items collect with other players track everything you have in game review stress play with trustworthy players so [Music] there you have it so that's basically an app um so let's just open it up and let's see how it works it wants to send notifications so you can agree to that uh or not and then it's just loading this this app has a lot of ads and some people tell them in reviews that probably are too much ads but hey that's how the app is supported uh so for example here you can see all of the items it's kind of like a metaverse app you know so here you can just go and then just make an offer but then you just need to log in and then just sign up so to create an account just log in or create an account with apple id or something like that so that's how that might work usually i just select apple id because it's quite fast and there you have it so that's the idea and now you can make offers and participate in these auctions so yeah something like that so hope that is helpful

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