NoteIt app - buggy, doesn’t work - what to do?

so i'm just going here through the noted app and it's it's a bit laggy and there are some bugs and i can see confirmation of that in their app reviews i love the idea of this app and it would be so great if it worked correctly this app is one of the cutest app i wanted it to work so bad i thought it was a problem with my phone after trying about everything deleting logging and again restarting my phone i gave up uh if the boxing luckiness gets fixed i would 100 recommend thanks for your review so yeah here is the app yeah it's kind of similar to locket widget app but there you have it and then you can just sign out and then i will show you that for example if i want to sign up with apple there are still some bugs seems like that sometimes they work sometimes doesn't sometimes image does not appear in the widget you can like you can wait here so invalid code the code you entered is invalid uh you can just share your link code but yeah here you can link that okay this time it worked out but sometimes it doesn't so now seems it's working so yeah um there you have it now it works but sometimes it doesn't and there were bugs with adding the another invite code which this image was this not not showing up in widgets and some i wasn't able to create my account at the first attempt so something like that so what the best you can do is just just wait until there is an app update and then just go here and update the app you can see here three days ago there was some improved data usage and there are some bugs fixes because i think this app is just a solo developer uh which is a great project for the for the developer but it's still a super small team so just you need to understand that thank you for watching

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