noteit app - history deletes when your streak break - what are streaks?

here is noted app and it says history deletes when you strike breaks so what is what is straight or streak basically if you send in a note uh your strike will increase by one so yeah also if you receive a node uh your all your strike will also increase by one so that's basically how it works uh if you don't send any notes or don't receive any notes per day then yeah you you have zero strike per that day and then your history deletes when your strike breaks so this is the feature when uh noted app encourages uh and pushes people to send more and more nodes for their app of course that makes sense for them but i'm not sure i uh so i have received you know all these notes and then i don't see that my history is actually being deleted um so that's that's what it is is it history being deleted for you or no it's just interesting to know

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