NoteIt app UPDATE 2.0.10 - 7th February - what’s new? BUG FIXES

so here is not a drawing app and finally there is a new update so version 2.0.10 it was just released 18 hours ago which means it was released sounds like on 7th of february or maybe late 96 february um so what are some of the updates you can see some of the preview but basically this is just new images in the app store while app is is the same app design is the same but there are a few really important bug fixes which were quite annoying for some users so specifically to improve users experience noted did some fixes one of them was in the widgets because on some devices it was blank not allowing a view of the note so for example sometimes you you would either see a blank widget or you would see like as three stripes three stripes in the widget white gray and white stripe or something like that and it didn't work then as i just improved some texts for better understanding features and fix the plus button in the top right which was not working and it should on some devices and also our technical team is working to improve notice so your feedback is very important you can write your experience here on the app store and then you can just search as i report any problems or suggestions through noted we're going to settings and click on feedback so there you have it so you just need to go to the app store and tap on blue update button until it says open and it means that the app is updated and you have the latest version so now i see all these notes and then as you can see i tap on the plus icon in the top right and it works it was working for me before but seems it didn't work for some users then i if i tap on information icon in the top left i just see it here so here is for example you can just send some feedback yup so something like that if you have any bugs or questions you can always ask that um and yep sometimes when you added a naughty widget so for me it works but for some people it just showed like three stripes instead of instead of showing the node um yeah so for me in the first versions of noted widget it also showed just like some blank state but now it it's it should work so there you have it so that's basically an overview of the update of course people requested a lot of features such as ability to send a group [Music] yeah so ability to stand group or like note so for example the ability to send nodes also to different many people not just to one person an ability to have different groups of people um like your friends your family and stuff like that um you can see a lot of reviews and suggestions uh so ability to add photos from camera or just taking photos so also improvements in the like drawing tools so you can add some shapes you can you know create some circles and something like that a lot of people of course said that this app has a lot of potential but uh yeah you need to do just a bit of improvement overall it's like an awesome app uh some people just said this app was only working for maybe two days before stopping and it says on my phone it only shows a white box as the widget and sometimes the white box has a grey stripe so this is the issue i was just talking before and this issue this exact issue should be solved with this update [Music] so yeah this is an overview but you should also know that noted app is being built by solo developer solar entrepreneur so you can just support him in any possible way just be patient it's a great idea so it just needs some time and some execution and after that i think it will become really great personally i don't understand how like big companies like google or apple could have missed this niche with locket widget or without it widget where you after you know after ios 13 update uh you have ability to add videos on iphone and yeah instead of you know sending photos or notes to like to your whatsapp or messenger you can just have them to appear right on your screen without additional clicks so this is super interesting idea and a lot of people like it as you can see this app in the top charts in the us app store just after tick tock and hbo so that's pretty wild anyways thank you for watching this overview and go update noted app hopefully it can solve some of your issues

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