NoteIt Drawing App Widget - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel so we will do a quick overview of noted app which seems to be a huge competitor to locate widget app so that app went really viral a few days ago and noted app allows you to send not photos or images but just notes to your home screen widget so it can be really viral apps so let's just go take a look so here's noted drawing app as you can see it's in the top charts in entertainment category and also if you just go to the whole apps it's like on the number three in the top charts overall uh i think right now if you just go to all apps yeah you can see it's just below tick tock and youtube it which is crazy like i was checking out these charts today what what is this app so let's just do a deep dive why this app is so viral right now how to use it uh why uh what are the reasons behind its popularity so i think this app is really one of competitor to locate widget app uh which went viral just a few weeks ago and the concept is super simple but it's super powerful so you can just share notes and memories with your partner so you can create like this and draw notes and then these notes will appear on a widget on home screen of your partner or friend so i will just show you how to do all of this and how to create an account and all of that so you can just share notes or share memories and then uh have your partners note in your app or home screen widget draw anything you want to show to your partner like something like this you can write good morning hello draw a smile anything you like and you can just send it to your partner and then you will see saved successfully and your note is sent so locate widget app allows you to send photos this app allows you to send these personalized notes which is pretty cool uh simply clean you can see just 137 ratings but it's it's growing in popularity obviously and i think it's a single developer who did this so this amazing work so let's okay let's just go through it so here is the app i already created an account obviously and i tried to use it and yeah all of that so it just takes some time to load my notes but anyways let's just start from there from the beginning are you sure you want to sign out so here i'll just try to sign up there are two ways to sign up either with your apple id or with your email and password i tried honestly to sign up is apple id i do it in the most apps because it's super fast but for some reason there were some bugs here and it didn't really work so let's just try to create an account using normal email and then you just create password and then you need to agree to terms of using privacy policy and then you just tap sign up so then you will see your link code so this code is my code and then you also need to enter your partner's code so the the person on which whose screen you want to to share notes so it yeah so for example i know that another code could be and then uh i just okay so something is not working so let's just for the sake of this demo enter the same code because yeah imagine that you entered your partner's code and you asked for your partner also to install this app and they also need to create an account and also go to this step where they see the code and then send the code to you or something like that so this step honestly is a bit confusing but this is the early stages of the app so let's just explore it so then we can just tap in the plus in top right and then yeah i can just draw something like i can just write something like this after saving it might take up to 30 minutes to update it in your partner's phone this is a preview of your drawing so here you have all these drawing tools the standard tools as you have in notes app on iphone so nothing special then you can see the yeah so you have like all these brushes scene brushes eraser you can select different colors here and so yeah anything like this and then after you're done with your drawing with your text all of that you can just tap save in the top right so in this app it is not possible to to add images as you can see it is not possible to either take a photo or to upload folder from camera roll it is possible to do that in locket widget app so if you want to send photos instead of just sending notes you need to go to lock it widget app maybe they will add it here it's not also possible to send some gifs or video clips or like or type text only drawings but that's pretty cool still so then i just tap save it takes some time and then it says save successfully your note will soon be on your partner's phone so you just tap okay and there you have it uh now this note is sent um so what your partner needs to do what your friend needs to do is just tap and hold on iphone home screen and tap on the plus icon in in israel after right depending on your phone uh like newer iphones i think have it in the left and then you just need to search for noted and not notes noted and then just tap here this will be a noted widget this will display the drawing that your partner made for you um so here i'm installing it but in the real case scenario that's like your friend should install it and you also should install it as well if you want to see notes from from your friend coming to you so then i can install either a small widget or i can install a bigger one so here i just add a small widget so there you have it and then uh yeah it just starts shaking and there you have it so here these notes will appear for you uh and as it said in the app it can take up to 30 minutes uh before notes start appearing so as you can see here the notes i'm still not appearing probably because i use the same account the same email just for the sake of this demo but anyways that's the idea and then you can just tap and hold yeah you can you can edit it or you can remove it as you want so here i see latest note sent then i can actually share it so i can share a link to it or i can just share the note which is fun so i can share the note i can see all the history of the notes i don't know if i can delete the note or probably not so it's it's only possible to share notes at this moment but maybe in future in this app there will be more developments and all of that so that's the basic functionality uh there is also information icon in the top left there is some guide here how to add how to add use widgets on your iphone or ipod touch and this is the guide where you can again see the same thing i just showed you where from the home screen you can touch and hold the widget or any empty air until the app's jiggle tap the add button in the upper left corner select widget and choose the three widget sizes tab at widget tab done touch and hold widget until the edit homes directly visit to the right edge until it appears on the home screen tab done so also here you can add it to the to the home screen as well so i didn't so maybe you can just drag it somehow well i don't know if that works um so yeah anyways uh you can explore that and then that's basically it then there are the questions well how if there are some bugs or i want to delete my account or i don't know i'm concerned about my data and all of that how do i reach out to the developer there is no like contact form or like zandask or any other support service so at this moment what you can do is just reach out here go read this privacy policy and then read here contact developer by email with your bookovitz at so you can see this email here in the bottom so if you have any issues if you want to delete your account erase your data you have any other concerns probably this is the best way to contact the developer also if you have the suggestions some feedback maybe you want to join the team and help to build this cool app anything like that so you can just reach out yeah in this direction so that's basically the idea so hope that can be helpful uh so that's the idea how do and that's that's basically the app it's very basic but it's quite powerful so let's just go also through some you know app comments because as it often happens with the new apps there are quite a few bugs like the idea is very cool but it's like it's solo developer i think and there are some reviews i've been using this app nice oral drawing multiple tools they only gripe how a quality of life changes necessary and the menu being a bit stiff in when navigating around [Music] so you can just see all additions use the app group messages i saw this app through friend but we can can't use it with other friends which runs that multiple people can be paired at the same time like a group chat personally i think group chats would make the app more enjoyable for friends who are in groups of two and more uh so yeah there you have it so there is no group feature at this moment and the app is in the early stages i am solo developers of bliss bird with me or some other people say that cute idea but it's laggy and doesn't work properly this app is one of the cutest app i ever had but after trying about everything i go up with the bug so there are some bugs you can also contact the solo developer at this address so this is like yeah the cool app to send little doodles to your partner the new update that shows the past doodles is great add notifications maybe some notifications there are no notifications group notes so this is uh this seems like a popular request to add this group feature because on the on the locket widget app you can add uh you can send these notes up to five people and yeah and then you can just combine these people into different groups so you can send one picture to one group another picture to another but here you can just add one person so yeah the widget screen shows three stripes so i guess that's also the issue is with my app but it also told the side that it can take up to 30 minutes for the note to to be visible so as you can see they're glitchy and buggy but yep yes that's what it is this guy i think is a solo developer so that's what it is help him out maybe you are also a developer so you can always reach out and just offer some help maybe it will be a big project in the future so other than that uh thank you a lot for enjoying this app definitely check it out note it just search it in the in the app store i'm not sure if this app is on android or like that so yeah overall thank you for watching uh subscribe to my youtube channel visit my blog i also have a podcast and see you around

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