NoteIt drawing widget - images DON’T SHOW UP

so seems there is this bug in the noted drawing app and one of the most like communicated boxes that drawings are not up uploading in each other screens so someone writes that i got the app a little bit ago and it worked for the first day now the widgets won't update it'd been a few days and we can see each other drawings in there but neither of our widgets will show the drawings we have tried her downloading the app deleting added widget backlogging out signing back in nothing's really working still like the app and it will keep it in hopes that the future update fixes this and then [Music] uh there you have it so it's uh a lot of people are mentioning it uh that the drawing just won't show up on the widget and widget is not updating so i'm talking specifically about this app noted where you can just send different nodes to your friends if they install noted code home widget so just by doing something like this and then installing noted widget but this widget doesn't update and it doesn't work for some people so of course you can try to delete the app you can try to create new account you can try to restart your phone try to connect to another wi-fi and also it says it can take up to 30 minutes before the widget uploads but for me sometimes i just see three stripes and the video doesn't update so seems that can be the issue i don't know like actually how to solve it maybe the password is just to keep the app and really just wait for another update because this app is developed by a solo developer it's not like a huge team or something like that so hopefully the update the bug fix will come really soon other than that it's really amazing app so definitely give it a try

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