so i'm just going through naughty drawing app and i'm just going through the reviews and it says that not getting each other's drawings uh some people say got the app a little bit ago and it worked for the first day not the videos what update it's been a few days and we can't see each other drawings in that but neither of our videos will show the drawings we have tried driving london updating adding the widgets back logging out and signing back in nothing really working still like the app and we'll keep it in the hopes that the future update fixes this so this is the app the noted drawing app uh you can send your drawings to your friends and um yep but unfortunately sometimes when there is the uh when you create something and you send it it's not really updating so like i have it here and it's not updating so that's what it is but just keep in mind that this app is developed by a solo developer so it's there are a lot of bugs and issues and you just need to like wait a bit or maybe ask her feedback and and try to wait and then update the app so that's how it works so it's not the app developed by apple or microsoft or something like that where the bugs are instantly fixed so that's probably the issue so that's just what it is in case you are frustrated and don't know why is that so hope that that list was helpful if you have this issue resolved in some way please post some comments below this video you can help a lot of people

The best android drawing apps for c...
The best android drawing apps for creative students
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