NoteIt Drawing Widget UPDATE v2.0.9 - overview of NEW FEATURES

so here is noted app it's a drawing app for couples where you can send notes to each other via widgets on iphone as i understand it's not available on android yet but here's a new update a version 209 so you can just go and update so what's new here so you can send feedback so now you can just contact support you can unlink accounts and you can see drawings in full screen you can zoom in drawings and then fixed we just get invite after some time so let's just go step by step so first now if you tap in top left you can just send feedback or contact support so basically there is a new email support at so that's how you can just write any support issue and just ask the developer like any box you have or anything like that of course you can also ask that in the in the app review section um so that's that then you can uh unlink accounts so that's a cool feature so basically for example like this i can just tap unlink are you sure you want to unlink with your current partner and then just tap yes and then add other partner or other friend so if i just do that there you have it i just unlinked and then i can start linking again yeah for this demo let's just link again so and then you can unlink so that's a new feature because the noted app only allows to send these notes in widgets just to one person it's not possible to send to five or ten friends as in rocket widget maybe it will be available in the future so if you think you you added the wrong person or there was some mistake or you also want to try this other friend you can always unlink that then there are drawings in full screen so if you just go here you can set up drawing in the full screen here like i don't know how to do it actually but okay the resources is where you can erase that so i also just started drawing that note and uh yeah it's still there so uh then for example if i want to draw something i can also now zoom in zoom out so that's a cool feature which can help you to draw better pictures so yep and then fixed widget getting white after some time i yeah sometimes if you just add this widget like if you just add it here then uh there were some issues uh where yeah it just uh it wasn't updating or something like that so maybe that can be helpful so now as you can see it kind of works so now i can see this node widget here so yep uh there you have it uh so if the widget wasn't showing up now you you actually just needed to update that and that should fix the the problem um so yeah hope that is helpful uh thank you for watching so definitely go and update noted app it's a cool app and you can surprise your partner or your friend and colleague and just you know send these features to each other send this notes to each other and you can really make your day so yeah hope that was helpful

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