noteit widget app - easy overview & how it works

so in this video we're gonna go through what is noted widget get it now what is this app about and why it's going viral so if you didn't use it definitely give it a try this is the great app to try out with your loved ones with your partner or friend and the whole idea that you can send notes to the home screen of your friend or partner and you can get notes from from them so yeah this is a new functionality which was added in in iphone from recent ios releases that you can have these widgets the widgets are basically like a screens on your home screen which you can add just between app icons and this widget will be updated in real time and it can contain nodes from this app there are also other apps like blockage widget live in widget where you can send photos but this app is just focusing on sending notes so you can add the noted widget link with your partner set and not right to their home screen note is perfect for staying close to the ones you care about add your girlfriend's boyfriends or best friend and easily try not to make their day so let's just open it up so here is the app and then yep now this is how it looks like um this is my you can easily create an account then you will see the history of your notes what is strike strike means uh that you are sending notes uh like many notes per day and that's basically your straight so let's try to add a widget so you need to hold down any app to edit your home screen tap the plus button top left corner search for noted and add the widget so let's just do it so i tap and hold apps start to jiggle and then i search for noted here it is and then i just can add a widget i'm adding widget widget will be added in this screen where i where my icons were jiggling so yeah you can also just move the widget around to other screen or move it like that so now i have my noted widget i uninstalled it and when you're creating the uh the app the account in the app what you need to do you need to add your the other person so you need to link here it says here unlink uh it means i already linked it and then i can unlink so link in other person is like important without this you won't be able to send notes so basically you're creating your account you will need to enter some kind of code and with that code you will be able to link your partner's device and you will be able to send notes to that person in this demo i'm just i just added myself just to show you as an example how it will work so then i just want to add a new node so here is a new node i want to draw something so i can just draw okay so there are so many different uh drawing tools some tools are not that advanced so yeah you can see this is just very uh like basic drawing which you can find in notes app on iphone but anyhow i just i'm just drawing a kind of like some orange tree here and then you can you can delete something or anything and then you can move it around and stuff like that you can you can undo uh there is a ruler and some people can actually create really advanced really advanced designs here but for me it's quite hard with these basic tools anyhow then you just tap send would you like to send the note you tap send and you are able to send this node only to that one contact you have again it's not possible to add many contacts at this moment in noted app it will be soon on your partner's device it might take some minutes to update the widget if the low power mod is activated so there you have it uh then actually uh yes this is a new feature that noted widget app is creating tick tock and then you can easily share share this note on tick tock so that's what you can do anyhow let's just go and there you see now the note updated but of course this is i'm just showing what would happen on your partner's phone not on your phone so your partner your friend will just receive this note for you which is updated almost instantly and that's pretty cool so imagine you can put this widget on your home screen and then it's just being updated and yeah so that's pretty nice uh then you can just this note is generated and then you can also share it on tick tock like that you can you can also reply to the note you can see all the received notes here and then you can reply to them then there are some additional settings you can log out you can unlink and link another person you can always reach out to support here so yep that's basically how it works uh that's the app and then you can see strike is now uh yeah you and your partner have sent two notes without skipping a day so that's basically what it is uh can you delete notes i guess i don't know if you can delete your notes which you received history deletes when your strike breaks so yeah something around it that's that's how i would see you you need to use this app and definitely give it a try

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