noteit widget app - how to share notes on TikTok?

here is noted app and let's explore how to share uh noted notes on tiktok so i want to create a new note i can just create some image and then i tap send i want to send it and then send successfully and then it's automatically creating a tick tock video and then you can just tap share a button in the bottom and basically then you will be able to share it on tick tock so that's a new feature it was just released in their newest update so if you want to show off some notes to your friends and like bigger audience on tick tock or you created something really amazing so this is of course just an example but even this is like basic painting tools some people create really amazing stuff on the app um so yeah definitely give it a try and then yeah you can just share it on in tiktok you can also save this gif to your device and share on other social if you tap send you can share it of course on snapchat instagram and anywhere else

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