NoteIt widget app STOPPED WORKING - what to do

i'm just going here through the noted drawing app just reading this review that the app stopped working it was maybe working for two days before stopping on my phone it only shows a white box at the widget and sometimes the white box has a gray stripe so basically instead of a note you can sometimes see like three stripes i need to go in the app to see new drawings because there is no notifications on the boyfriend's phone the widget has been stuck on the one drawing from the first time and he also needs to open that up to see anything new removing it adding new widgets restarting folder and styling app doesn't seem to work to fix this either so i don't know i like the apples interior but we just need to update because that's the whole point so that's the review um i like but just bear in mind this this is the app uh which is uh being built by the small team of developers what what worked for me just there was an update four days ago and i just updated the app and most of the bugs were gone um so you can just do that just stick to the updates if you like this app just maybe write another week try it out in a week because this app usually is just like you know developed by a solo developer so yeah just bar with it and then yeah maybe it will become better in in the future you can always go to app support section and then just try to reach out the developer but just yeah my main point of this video is that this app will definitely become better okay so as you can see the website is simply suspended due to our traffic probably because so many people reached out to contact support but you can contact support also in the noted app just by tapping on the information icon and then you can just reach out to feedback here so support at so something like that um hope it is helpful

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