noteit widget by iconic hearts - QUICK & COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE. HOW TO USE?

hello everyone in this video we're gonna go through a quick overview of noted widget app and this app was went like really viral if you haven't tried it you definitely need to do it and to try it out i will show you exactly which one uh app to use because there are like so many apps which are now called noted love it sticky notes drawing widgets so you need to get this one so that's the app by iconic hearts developer you can see this app icon because i tried like so many widget apps like this and the this noted widget app seems to be the best one and it has just the best experience um and it's fast it's very minimalistic and all of that so basically what's the idea of that why is it going viral so you can add some like note you can create some kind of like image so not like a photo from your camera not uploading from a camera roll but just uh creating some cute painting and then you can add widget this noted widget to your home screen and add friends and then send this uh this note to your friends actually i think it is only possible to add one person but you add this widget your friend adds it and then you send each other resist notes you would ask why would they need this app like i can send pictures like in whatsapp whatever uh but like to to send it in whatsapp you need to go to whatsapp app open the app open a specific chat and then see it here you will see it's updating in real time on your home screen so you don't need to do any additional actions so this is how it works add the noted widget link with your partner send not right to their home screen that's the idea uh so let's just open the app here is how it looks and then here you can see all your notes you can like first when you create an account you will see the screen to add to add the person to link the person so here i already did that but you can always uh see uh like here unlink option to unlink that person but you then you can just link again but anyway so you just need to link the person you can only in this app link to one person uh so then you create a new note and then you can just draw something like this uh so whatever you like some cute picture and there are like really advanced drawings you can do here if you like uh but uh yeah you need to spend some time there are these basic editing features uh so uh that's it some people requested to have much more editing tools and be much more proficient in editing this but they don't have it at the moment there is another noted app which you can try and it has much more advanced drawing features but you need to upgrade and then you tap send and then you just send this one out so there you have it it will be soon on your partner device it might take some minutes to update the widget if the low power mode is activated so that's it but of course you need to tap and hold and add the widget so there it is noted and then you can just add it here so something like that and then but basically because i just added myself for the sake of this video i will see my picture but in reality you will see like empty screen here and then when you send the image your friend will receive it and then when your friend sends it to you you'll receive it here just keep in mind that if you're using noted a lot it can drain your battery a bit uh like so you can your phone can go out of charge a bit faster so you're wondering why is that another reason is this noted widget because it's updating in real time um so you can still copy a link to to these articles and share it yeah so you can have that so that's basically the idea um and so that's how it works um yep so that's the app definitely give it a try so straight uh so you and your partner have sent two notes without skipping a day so that's that's what it means uh what's strike keyword means um yeah and there you have it so as you can see this app is free there is no premium option no ads uh it's very easy to use very minimalistic you can see some additional settings uh get notified you can enable notifications you can just browse around follow on instagram and that's basically it so hope it was helpful

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