NoteIt widget drawing app - can’t create account

hello so here is viral app which is called note it so let's just install it on iphone uh note it drawing app drawing app for couples so here you can share notes and memories with your partner share note share memories have your partner's note in your app or home screen widget draw anything you want to show to your partner uh save your new note soon to be shown in your partner's phone and then you can just add it as a home widget which can be available on iphone so it resembles quite closely the locket widget app which also went viral just a few weeks ago where you can just create a photo and then that photo can be seen as a widget on your home screen on iphone [Music] so let's just open the app and see how that might work and let's just sign up so you can sign up his email and password or you can just sign up is apple so here i can just continue with my touch id of ice id and then i can just create an account and let's see how that works i something went wrong uh please try again later so for some reason i can't create uh an account right now um so the n032 the code you entered is invalid or empty please enter each other's link code to start and then so i can just share my link code so let's see how that works so this doesn't work and then my partner's code i can also just okay i don't know so it doesn't work yet for me i don't know do you have something like that guys

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Instagram "Sorry But You Can't Create A New Account Right Now" Signup Blocked Error FIX
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