noteit widget get it now EASY OVERVIEW & what are STREAKS?

here's now the twidget app and they have a lot of new updates actually especially these tricks so just a quick tutorial for you so this app allows you to add widgets and send nodes to each other so for example this is an example of the widget and uh yeah you can just tap and hold and tap and hold in any screen and then just tap plus and then you will be able to search for it and install any widgets there are like two sizes and then you can also remove uh we just like that and then basically you can just send a note to to your friends or so then you can just sand it like that uh and then yeah then it will just appear as node sand and it will appear on your partner screen on or on your front screen uh as you can see like this here uh so that's what you can see and then what it means like what streak means is uh you see these three crows like what that is um so uh streak means that like how many notes you send but this uh don't leave your partner that response for more than 24 hours or you could lose your streak so if you sound like four notes that will be like streak four uh but if you don't reply within 24 hours your streak will break and then you will lose all your history on all your previous images then you can see all your strict history and then you can recover a streak if you want to recover your previous notes and so yeah that's basically the idea then there are a bunch of other settings you can always go through and read through frequently asked questions you can see like if you want to set strict exploration notes and yeah it's not possible to add multiple accounts in this moment in noted app only one person um so yeah that's basically that's the app one of alternative for locket widget or for Live status which you can just try out to send notes to your partner or friend

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