noteit widget - get love notes - what is it? How to use

here is a popular app which is called noted widget get it now so um there are multiple versions of noted widget probably the searches like different apps everyone is the same title but i'm talking about this one is the red heart icon get low notes from the iconic hearts developers and this is how the app looks like you can you can just get notes from your friends on your home screen so and this is super fun and addictive so let's just do is super quick over you have to actually use this app and what is the process here so yep here is the app so you create the app you create your account and you need to add a partner or like someone to who you will send notes so basically you just create your account and you link in by code so you also need your friend to create an account and while you're creating your account you need to have that code and you add in your friend you can only add one friend in this app at the moment it's not possible to to add 10 people or more or just add many people then uh you can just jiggle this app so tap and hold app starts google and then you can just search for noted and then just add this noted widget basically when friend sends you a note it will appear on your home screen or you can send a note yourself to your friend and then it will appear on their home screen so let's just do that so new node and then i can just really draw something or write something this is what i can do so that's basically i do not like something like that and then just tap send and then you can just send it over send successful it will be soon on your partner's device it might take some minutes to update the widget if low power mode is activated so that's the idea uh you can see what strike means you and your partner have sent two nodes without skipping a day so that's that and basically if you go to your widget but i'm in this demo i'm just testing and i'm sending notes to myself uh yep and then you can see that i just sent a note and it appears here in real time so you just do that to your friend and your friend will see that note it can be a little nice surprise some message some little drawing just to remind your friend that you're thinking about and that it's important for you and all of that so yeah that's the idea of the app it's very nice it's very fun and it's free you don't need to upgrade there is no premium version or anything like that then there are settings again demand main downside that you can only add one person at this moment you can add feedback there is privacy policy and then there is just a quick tutorial how to add noted widget so hope this is helpful this is an overview definitely give it a try it's super fun

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