noteit widget how to access all past notes for free?

here is new update from noted app and now they allow you to access all past nodes for free so you can see all the past notes without upgrading without needing to pay for streak so yeah if you just go to your noted app then you will just see different strikes with different people and then this is just like a test account and then you can just see and go and see all the notes and the date when there were sent so now if there's three breaks it doesn't remove all the notes because a lot of people were like super confused it was like super annoying you needed to send note every day and then if you don't do it like majority of your pictures will be gone so that was a bit too aggressive I think from Trump so I point to to send to organize the app like that and yeah so there you have it um so now yeah to see all the history you can just go to specifics trick and then to specific person and then you can just see all the notes like that that's basically the idea

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