hello everyone so here is this viral app which is called noted um it's also probably like a competitor to locate widget app which just went viral a few weeks ago where you can add a widget to your home screen and then you can see pictures in the locate widget app but in this app you can just create drawings so for example it's just a sim has a simple drawing uh pad similar to to what you have in notes and for example if i just create like the smile or like anything else you want to to draw here and then i just tap save and then basically this note will soon appear on your partner's phone so that's basically how it works and then of course you also need to add a widget itself so then i just tap until it jiggles and then i have noted widget uh this widget will display the drawing that your partner made for you so there are two types uh two sizes of note 8 widgets you can add the small or large so let's just add a small one and then uh yeah there you have it so you then you just added this widget and then uh basically uh it will show show the uh the notes the pictures which uh you drawn in yeah on the on the other side in the app so that's basically how you can add it there are only two sizes of this widget at this moment you can always remove this widget easily and that's it so yeah these are device to to add this widget hope that is helpful

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