noteit widget - how to generate an interactive video from your note?

here is a noted app and they just added a new feature where you can generate an interactive video from your node so let's just show it and for example i just want to create just like a simple note i don't know just as an example and then i just want to send it and then you can see that it sends successfully it will be soon on your partner device and then this is a new feature it's creating tick tock video or just a video it's like very cool animation you can just play it and the cool part you if you tap send in top right you can actually save it your device you can share to tick-tock automatically if you tap share in the bottom uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh that's how it works and that's a new feature not all people like this tiktok feature to be honest because this kind of people don't like that it's kind of this privacy aspect but at least you can save it as a gif and it's nice nicely generated gif which you can share with your friends

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