noteit widget with streaks EXPLAINED HOW TO USE?

uh in this video we're gonna go through updated noted widget app with this streaks feature and they build a lot around it and I think basically noted app I was sorry it was acquired by send it which is one of the bigger apps in this Anonymous widget space so there you have it I'm talking about this one um I buy iconic hearts it was acquired by send it and now it has more features so basically the idea of it is that you download this app you create an account and then um you can just go to to this app and Link uh your partner or link one person it is only possible to link one person uh however there was a notification that probably that will allow you to add more people soon and then what you can do is just tap and hold and then you can see jiggling and then you can just add noted there are two sizes of widgets three small widgets there is bigger one whatever you like and then you can just tap add widget here and then there you have it so this is the widget where you will receive notes from uh from your friend or from your partner again it's only possible to receive notes from one person at this moment um so yeah and there you have it then for example you can just create a node here uh there are all these like drawing tools for example you can select this then you can select size or brush then you can just type some text here like that and then you can also change add some additional drawing tools I have some eraser tools or just combine different tools basically uh yeah so something like that and then you can just tap send and then at this note will be sent to to your friend's home screen and then it's just yeah it's just being sent also it's just creates some kind of playback which then you can share on Tick Tock or some other social media which you can then share and then you can just share this video playback uh turn Snapchat Instagram WhatsApp or just save to your device and then if you just go to the uh yeah here it's just updated but I'm sending to myself just to to explain to you to show you how it works of course uh this is what your partner would see on on their phone uh now what happened like now you just see string is two so and then you see our rows trick to and this is like the relationship of friendship process you can say and it starts growing so Street basically means that you are sending node uh at least once per day so if your partner sent you a note you have 24 hours to to reply if you don't reply within 24 hours a streak will break and you will lose history of your notes so there you have it here I just see my notes but if I lose the streak I will just all these notes will disappear so just uh yeah if you're not sure about that make sure to send your aside your notes and then this is a streak you can see this trick history then you can see all the previous tricks which broke uh or like and all these images disappeared if you want to recover a strict then you can just tap recover and you will be able to recover a strict recover your last broken strict for you and your partner and then you can just tap recover streak and it's cost two dollars and then you will be able to access history so yeah that's basically the idea so just make sure to save to save all the photos that's basically it um and then yeah here you have also some settings uh you can set up a strict expiration if you want uh to just get notified if you enabled notification one uh yeah one the streak will expire and then you can unlink your unlink your partner you can also tap to delete an account I actually want to delete your account you will lose all data uh and notes associated with your account oops that was some Siri link uh and yeah so that's basically that um then you have frequently asked questions let's just go through it so how do tricks work yeah it's like uh uh in order to maintain a streak you can't let your partner without a response for more than 24 hours how do I recover my street go to your screen then tap Street history when you sign out of your account or signing using your device you will have to use the same method you use to retrieve your notes if you can't sign in the same uh so yeah if you can't sign in into your original account then you will have to set up a new account to link with your partner again but then you will just lose the history of your notes can you use note it on multiple devices yeah you should be able to use your noted accounts with multiple devices you will just need to use the same credentials and then the lone awaited feature one will not let me add multiple friends we'll know that the more from the better this feature will be added very soon so stay tuned so a lot of users asked about this feature because in locket widget for example you can add 20 friends in Live status you can add a limited friends so yeah sometimes just one person is not enough I think this noted widget app became popular because it offered this kind of like intimacy you know like you if you just have one uh one friend or like one close person and then you just send the notes to each other instead of like having 50 friends and just like sending some memes all the dice or whatever you like but this app was just focusing on more like privacy and having the close relationship why is widgets not updente updating it might take a few minutes to refresh the widget flow power or it is enabled keep in mind that having notifications enables enable helps the widget update faster and more consistently so that's basically it um so then here you you can just reach out to that I need help then there is some privacy policy you can read through that you can uh yeah just go through it so that's basically the idea of the noted widget app as you can see my streak broke but I still have like this uh five latest images which are just being saved uh but if if your conversation includes more than five images all of that uh previous images will just be deleted if your streak breaks it's like an interesting feature people don't really understand what exactly this is three keys so I just tried to explain it to you so if you found this quick tutorial helpful make sure to like this video so the more people like this video the better reach it will have the more views it will get so it's like super easy for you to do it you can also subscribe to my channel and you can also become a member by tapping join button and then you will have access to some exclusive benefits

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