Noteit widget - your streak is ending soon - what are streaks?

hello everyone uh so if you swipe up and then you can receive this notification from noted app that your strike is ending soon add the new node to to save history so the whole idea of the strikes you can see that's basically if you send notes to your partner without skipping a day that's called the strike or streak i don't know when it starts or when it finishes but you need to send notes every day basically and then your history is being saved if if your history is is deleted uh sorry if you don't say send this note then your history might be deleted it didn't happen to me as you can see i still have my history from you in previous months even if i didn't send of course that's the way for the noted app to promote itself and to uh yeah to send more nodes to ask their users to send more notes and stuff like that so that's basically the idea um so if you receive that notification don't be scared that's what it is and that's the noted app

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