NoteIt widgets comparison - which one to use? FULL OVERVIEW

uh so a lot of people are enjoying noted widget app but in fact i don't know for which reasons there are now two apps which are called noted i think actually this one noted widget by kensington crypto stock or i don't know maybe it was already acquired think this was the original noted app each month while in february or early march so i remember but then there is also this one for some reason people started to you know rename their apps to note it and then it started to go up in the charts in the app store similar sp is locked widget so in this video we're gonna just go through some uh like pros and cons of each app hub there are similar which noted app you should use and probably there are some other ones as well down in the charts um so here's the the app i think a lot of people actually like this one because it's very minimalistic it doesn't have that many features uh and it's very focused and easy to use but it's also a bit limited so this is the app is the heart icon and its developer is iconic heart so just search note that we just get it now and make sure the developer is iconic hearts and this app yes in the top charts so let's just open it up so here's how it looks like very minimalistic design and the whole focus of the app is just by to send notes you can tap here a new note uh you can just change the color the drawing tools are very basic there there is no advanced stuff so you can just you know draw some tree or something and then just tap send and then you can send the node uh since successfully it will be soon on your partner's device it might take some minutes to update uh or if the low power mode is activated so that's basically the noted uh and then you can see your nodes to add the widget it works the same on two apps you just tap and hold until it starts to jiggle then you just search for noted but you just add the one with the heart icon um yeah we can just do that it's very similar so here you have this widget you can just add it here and there you have it because i added myself for the sake of the demo you just see this image so that's basically noted widget here so the pros are as you can see very simple design you understand exactly what you can do very few settings but the cons the the negative side of this app is that you can only have one partner here so you can only link one person and it is not possible to add many people here it is not possible to add a specific widget for specific person in this app so yeah that's the downside of the app so you just have one person to who you want to send these notes and that's it you can also use some settings you can support developers as there is no paid version nothing but a lot of people actually like this app and it's much more popular a bit more popular i would say than the other one because it just does one job and it does really well you just send notes if you don't want to send camera photos like in locket widget you just send notes in noted then there is another app which added much more features and become became much more complex and advanced so let's just open it up so this app is becoming more like instagram it's more like a social media so you can just again tap and send notes but here in this app as you can see there are ads so people don't really like it and then you can add drawing you can add camera photo so not only so there you have it you can add video as well um so you can upload photos you can add something like nft art so it's like pixelated image again and you need to upgrade your premium version and then of course you can just add drawings so you just add this drawing you just tap send and here there are two options so basically you can add uh two to one person or you can post to public so that's basically it and when you post to public it's basically becomes like instagram so there is like a public heat where people can check out your drawings and then they can follow you which is like really fun as well and then you can see your notes and successfully it might take a few minutes to update um so then it will just appear here in the feed you can see other people uh in the feed you can go to discover tab you can follow someone so something like that you can share you can upload uh you can yeah just go to their profile see public post so it's kind of like instagram right uh you can see how many boss how many followers how many following you can add your profile picture and all of that so this is more like social media aspect and then if you go to your settings you can add many friends so like compared to other noted app here you can add uh many friends but you need to upgrade so there is a premium version here a premium noted um so monthly premium is 4.99 so you can unlock all advanced drawing tools link as many friends as you want unlock picture filter effect effects filters you can edit colors fonts and picture you can remove ads that's worth uh 4.99 per month there is no free trial nothing so you just can try it out um yeah and a lot of people if they like sending drawing notes they just want to have a bit more advanced like drawing uh things like like there are like you know you can create much more advanced drawings in this app then there are settings you can add your name you can add your profile picture and this all these options cannot be there so you can still use this noted app as like as a previous one just to send into private friends but the moment you post a picture to public and it opens up all these tabs and becomes more like instagram but you can opt out from that if you don't like it so that's another kind of uh feature of that then you can see all your messages here of course you can also send videos which is cool and then there are much more settings you can you know go everywhere here you can support developers as well by buying a coffee share app at widget guys all of that you can try out so yeah as you can see there are so many more features here and there are ads but overall this app has a bit lower rating in the end so it has 4.6 rating this one has 4.9 out of 2 times more ratings so probably because of the ads and frankly it just feels like it's it it's a bit too much in this app there are like too many features you can add everything photos videos um drawings nfts like whatever but and there are also ads the resources social media you can follow each other so sometimes it's a bit too much i actually more like or this app don't know if the noted this heart icon is actually the original one but it's just more minimalistic and more more focused on one feature so if i like send in drawings i just do that if i like send in camera photos i can just use lock it tweet it or something like that because there are no bugs uh less bugs let no ads no premium versions and you can just try out that app but anyways if you like a social media aspect and you want to showcase your drawings to people you can try out this app so yeah this is just like an overview for you this is a new set of apps there are also widget pal there is also locket widget um there are like noted with drawing widgets white boards so all of these apps like in is like very popular and there are other apps which have called themselves noted so this this one just only has seven ratings but i'm just curious like is it is it legal like to name your app as the most popular app on app store what would happen you know if i release an app and name it like snapchat 2. probably the trademark wasn't registered or something like that and that's why it was possible because also there are like maybe three other apps which are called like locket or lockets widgets or stuff like that um so people just confused nobody knows what was the original viral app and so that's what's happening right now yeah so that's an overview i hope it makes sense for you please leave in the comments which noted the widget app you like uh which other widget apps are using are you enjoying those did you try it out with is your friends or partners like uh yeah so it's interesting development i would definitely recommend to try it out at least one of those old apps is your friend or a loved one because yeah it can be pretty fun you have this widget it is update on your screen in real time you can send some interesting notes and some cool photos and images so definitely give it a try hope you enjoyed this overview check out my podcast my website mr hack dot io go there visit the blog and subscribe to my youtube channel

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