NOW Let’s Hangout - app overview

here's interesting app which is called now let's hang out so let's just install this app and see how it works so you can use touch id of icd to install it and then i can see the size of it join hangouts follow click ass create lineups get inspired uh so we are all now leaving exploring clicking with one another now is the modern community a mix of people places and the creation of memories so let's just open it up okay and then you just need to enter your birthday you need to enter your country code and then you need to enter your confirmation code select the standard process so finally yep you created an account um [Music] then you have all these interesting lineups so you can just see list of places recommended by users so here are the places where some person wants to go or you can see my places so if i want to create uh click bring people together or line up so these are like three options okay so now i understand more so click means you can just connect people a shared interest like so wally someone interested in the volleyball you can add photo you can add description it's optional and then you can just open my hangout so that's basically like organizing event in facebook group then you can see get inspired like what people are doing uh here in like in tel aviv like you can see all the lineups some interesting places and then you can see clicks and then you can see peach live on all of that so yeah it's interesting app just you know helps people to organize to organize uh the life and you can see the hangouts and then you can see places you can follow people you can meet the people in specific communities yeah then there is your account you can still reserve your uh like first name username because there aren't that many users you can connect your tik tok instagram you can add your bio um there is your about there is login and security so that's basically it you can change your profile picture so interesting app someone would ask like why you need to have if you already have like facebook and you know like instagram and bunch of other apps but yeah after the pandemic kind of a lot of stuff is opening up and um yeah so people trying to hang out more together people want to travel more and apps like that can be super useful

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