Nutrition Coach - Food Tracker - app overview

hello so here is this app which is called nutrition coach so let's just try to install it it's in top charts right now so it's a food tracker app which helps you to track calories like how many calories you have eight a lot of recipes and a lot of information so here you can just start to create an account so [Music] i don't know actually in the so yeah [Music] you can connect to house kit and then then you can do all this schedule you can set up reminders [Music] you can skip all of that and there you have it so seems like a pretty advanced app here and then okay if you want to you can upgrade measure your progress um so yeah here there you have it now it's your app you can see your daily goals call progress meals tract you can tap plus lunch snack dinner so breakfast for example search for ingredients add to breakfast and then you will see how many calories you got and then save your meal for example so you have that then you you can see activity running duration 30 minutes distance two miles at and then you burnt like 400 calories so that's basically the idea and then you can connect house kit you can connect how much water you drink and track meals and then you can see the schedule you can set up your meal plan here you can see all the recipes and you can see the stats here so that's the idea and you can also connect apple health so yep that's about it um that's the app if you should upgrade yeah probably if you want to follow this specific schedule you can upgrade but yeah that's basically the idea of the app and if you like it just leave some comments below interesting to see what you think about this app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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