Obimy app - A BIT BROKEN - what can you do?

so here's a beami app and a lot of reviews saying that seems it's just a bit broken um we're trying to add each other but it keeps saying will be implemented soon it wasn't added already and whenever you want to customize your little character the whole app freezes i don't know what's just me or it's a bit annoying some people can't log in uh um the developer response say that there will be an option to login via email um where yeah but needs further updates and the the most uh the biggest issue at the moment is that just people not getting notifications uh and download the app and download notification and everything but i haven't gotten sequel notification from the app so the developer response here is like what's your smartphone model an id in the app so that's about that so that's the idea so here is the app of bme app here you can just go there and then you can tap you can see in your profile icon in top left that for me it's grayed out i'm not getting notifications as well even if i just do this so yeah something around it so yeah that's about it um so i don't know i just can say that's like it's a great upgrade idea but it's built by a small team of developers from ukraine and they reached again like the top charts of the app store and seems there are a lot of bugs like it's freezing a bit it's not notifications but i think all of these issues will be solved as soon as possible it's a small team as you know a lot of these viral apps are just building either by one person or by a few people who don't really expect that their app can really take off that fast and probably there are some server issues and something like that and that should be fixed soon i hope you can always reach out support to and hope that can be helpful for you

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