Obimy app ASKS to UPDATE - no update available - what to do?

so bimi app has a huge influx of users and if you're trying out this cool app maybe you can see this bug which says which ask you asks you to update the obemi app but then there is no update button anywhere and it just shows open so inside of the app you can see like a pop-up or some button update and then you just tap on that and you end up on this page and on this page it just says open um so yep and it's like it's a bit annoying and you don't know what's happening so as you have seen there is already a reply for that from developer team and they say just say uh hey alrighty fix this please try again has problems with because of the large flow of new users so there is just an influx of new users and that's therefore there are some glitches and bugs in the app so that's that so yeah you can always try to restart the app uh turn on turn off your wi-fi or 4g or your phone and try again yeah because especially on the weekend there can be a huge spike of users um so that that can cause the issue

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