obimy app - CAN’T CREATE an ACCOUNT - what to do?

here's a bimi app and like some people can't create an account here so if you tap let's go like here is homepage this is what you need to do you just see all these screens you can see what can be shared and like the only option to create an account here is by using phone number there is no option to use email you can't use apple account or like google facebook snapchat as in other apps so only phone number so first like some people are very kind of like some people really like don't have uh phone numbers still or don't want to share it they just want like an option to sign up with email and a lot of people just abandoned this screen like that it's also good that you still can sign up with the yeah with these many countries so it's not only us it's just worldwide so you can select that and then yeah you can just select and then usually it should work so then you instantly receive uh uh yeah uh your verification code at least an iphone and then you are logging in so that works but yeah like few days ago when this app spiked in popularity there were so many users and there were some glitches and yeah i couldn't access some of the screens i couldn't open the app i have some seen some blank screen and some errors so that's a lot of user had that just make sure to update your app make sure to like check your wi-fi connection but yeah i think it was because it was like a spike of users so just update the app and maybe wait a few hours or something like that um yep so that's that's basically what i can suggest you can always tap and go to support that to contact us uh here you can write support at okay so [Music] something like that what you can do

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