OBIMY APP DOESN’t ALLOW to ADD FRIENDS - what you can do?

the pme app doesn't allow to add people that's what some users write in the reviews it just says we will be implemented soon I'm not sure what that means but I like need help or something so if you just open up a Bimi app so here it is and you tap in top left and then before there was some like search icon where you could have searched for profiles and all of that now you can just tap invite via link and then that's also should work and then you can just share that link copy that link uh via email and stuff like that so that's the idea um yeah and during peak times in U.S when there are a lot of users I don't know whether it's after work or on the weekends there are some server issues with the Bimi app that's true notifications are not coming there are quite a few bugs and yeah because this app just really hit the top charts in some categories and was in top 100 apps in the US App Store and yeah but then probably their server side wasn't quite ready for that so that's basically what happened and uh yeah hope this is helpful

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