obimy app doesn’t work, bugs - what to do?

hello everyone so i'm just trying to launch ob me app and seems there are just some like few bugs so if i go to or be me and try to open it up uh seems there are some issues and i can't just open it up and i just see like bland screen or some error messages so that seems a bit buggy but no surprise because since the app went in the top charts in the us app store and like uh yeah so it went viral and maybe it's just not handling traffic so the best thing you can do is just reach out to their support so here you can see all the writings and reviews uh so there you have it so probably there are still some bugs uh but some glitches but glitches and one let me change some names uh so there you have it more feelings so yeah overall it's it was working really nice and but yeah there are still bugs here and there so you can see aerophones i don't know how to fix it uh so yeah if you have any other of these similar bugs and glitches just leave it in the comments below so yeah people can know about it and maybe they can just reply comment in your comments and suggest you some solutions

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